Date Founded  325 CE  Place Founded  Constantine
 Founder(s)  Paul of Tarsus (St. Paul) and Jewish (Sadducee) High Priest family of the House of Ananus (Ananias), Emperor Constantine (who made the word Christian the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire).   
 Adherents 2,000 million
 Major Sects-Pre Constantine Paulinity (Paul of Tarsus), Boethusians, Tertullians, Ebionites (John the Baptist), Marcionites.
 Major Sects- Post Constantine  Roman Catholic (combined Paulinists/Tertullians), Eastern Orthodox (mainly from Boethusians), Protestant (Over 22,000 smaller sects)
 Main Locations
 Europe, North America, South America
 Sacred Objects, Rituals and Locations
 Sacred texts
 The Bible- produced by the Sadducee High Priests
 Original language  Aramaic, Greek, Latin
 Spiritual leaders
 Priest; bishop; archbishop; patriarch; pope; pastor; minister; preacher; deacon
 Place of worship
 Church, chapel, cathedral, basilica, meeting hall
 Day of worship
 Major holidays
 • Advent (Nov. 30 - Dec. 24)
Christmas (Dec. 25) Most important Feast of Saturnia/Dagon/Satan
• Epiphany (Jan. 6)
• Lent (40-day period prior to Easter/Eostre)
• Good Friday (last Friday before Easter/Eostre)
Easter (Eostre) -Most important Feast of Mother Goddess also known as Cybele, Astarte, Venus, Aphrodite
• All Saint's Day (Nov. 1)
 Fundamental philosophy
 Theism ("god")
 Ancient Pagan Trinitarian Monotheism based on power, fertility, war and human sacrifice.
 Ultimate reality
 Heaven is a fable, there is no redemption, only power to the ancient God, Mother Goddess and their son (a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit) . Except those born of Noble (Sadducean) blood, all others are ignorant sheep who blindly follow a lie
 Human nature
 Created good but now born sinful
 Purpose of life
 Know, love and serve God, but never know the real God to whom you serve (Satan/Mother Goddess)
 How to live
 Have faith in the true God and Christ's resurrection, do good works, participate in sacraments and simulate High Mass (actual human sacrifice) in lower mass.
 Resurrection of body and soul, purgatory (Catholic and Orthodox), and eternal heaven or hell
 "God" created the world and placed humans above all animals. God is a vengeful and a bloodthirsty God who appoints those of noble blood to rule all through whatever means is necessary.
 Prime enemy
 Nazarene/Gnostic beliefs and sacred texts as founded by Jesus Christ and the apostles.
 Laws and commandments
Two Greatest Commandments
 1. Love "God" with your heart, soul and mind, without question.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
 Four Last Things
1. second coming
2. judgment
3. heaven
4. hell
 Seven Deadly Sins
 1. pride
2. greed
3. lust
4. envy
5. gluttony
6. anger
7. sloth
 Seven Ecumenical Councils
1. Council of Nicea (325 AD)
2. Council of Constantinople (381)
3. Council of Ephesus (431)
4. Council of Chalcedon (451)
5. Second Council of Constantinople (553)
6. Third Council of Constantinople (681)
7. Second Council of Nicea (787)
 Twelve Apostles
1. James, son of Zebedee
2. John, son of Zebedee
3. Philip
4. Bartholomew
5. Thomas
6. Andrew (Peter's brother)
7. Simon (Peter) bar Jonah
8. Matthew the tax collector
9. James, son of Alphaeus
10. Simon the Zealot
11. Judas Iscariot
12. Thaddaeus
 Fourteen Stations of the Cross
1. Jesus is condemned to death
2. The cross is laid upon him
3. Jesus' first fall
4. Jesus meets Mary
5. Simon of Cyrene bears the cross
6. Veronica wipes Jesus' face
7. Jesus' second fall
8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9. Jesus' third fall
10. Jesus is stripped of his garments
11. Jesus is crucified
12. Jesus dies
13. Jesus' body is taken down
14. Jesus's body is laid in the tomb

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