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Chapter 11  
The following outlines the formal heresies (deliberate doctrinal errors) of the Roman Catholic Church concerning the beliefs of Jesus, his apostles and the first church concerning the spiritual equality of women:
Many of the ancient religions promoted women as spiritual leaders.
In the case of Jesus and the Nazarenes, several women were considered equal or superior in terms of spiritual authority and skill including Mary Magdalene, Martha and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
Jesus and the Nazarenes actively considered as part of their doctrine the quality of women as spiritual equals and rejected the Sadducee traditions of subjugating women as the lesser sex.
Jesus and his apostles promoted women to positions of authority, which did sometimes upset the apostles themselves, who still struggled with the doctrine of Jesus of equality and respect for all women.
In contrast, the founders of Christianity such as Paul of Tarsus (St. Paul) did hate women with such passion, that he considered them no greater than slaves and baby makers.
St. Paul and the early church founders of Christianity did promote the deliberate false doctrine of claiming women to be evil, to be morally corrupt, to be incapable of accurate divine revelation.
As a result of the founding principles of Christianity by Paul of Tarsus, subsequent Christian leaders did promote the further suppression and subjugation of women as slaves including: the burning of women as witches, the treatment of women as whores, the permission to abuse and torture women as mere possessions.
So horrendously evil and powerful were the doctrines of Christianity against women, in direct contempt and defiance to the true teachings of Jesus, that it is only in the last 100 years that women have gained any kind of human rights.
Even today, the Christian church repudiates the ability of women to be spiritual equals to men, in honor of the satanic founders of Christianity, especially St. Paul.
That the direct heresy of the Christian church concerning the specific Gnostic teachings of Jesus that women are the equal to men represents one of the greatest heresies of human history and is itself a crime against humanity.
That the church has always known this to be a great heresy against the teachings of Jesus, but has maintained its contempt by ensuring the continued suppression of women.  
The christian church is personally responsible for the enslavement, torture and misery of hundreds of millions of women over the past 1,600 years and even for the continued pain of many tens of millions of poor women in christian nations today.  
That the Christian church, most notable the roman catholic church is still permitted in the modern world to promote the heresies of male only clergy, of false celibacy (but open homosexuality) is an indictment on modern governments and societies who profess to believe in human rights.


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